Discovering Bridezilla

Digital music has created a unique way for authors to generate excitement among readers for their new work. Playlists posted on their Facebook Fan Pages or websites are a great way for many of today’s authors to share with their fans the music that helped inspire them while writing. I first noticed this when Stephenie Meyer posted her playlist for the insanely successful Twlight, and since then, it seems like it’s caught on like wildfire, with songs shared on playlists giving many artists their big breaks.

For some artists, author playlists help bring their music to a new audience, with many rising in fame simply because they were mentioned as a song that inspired the author. No long are musicians reliant on soundtracks to push their music to the masses. A tweet, a blog post, even a fan vid can help share their work as well.  Ever heard of Bridezilla? Yeah, me either until their music was used in a fan vid for Lauren’ Kate’sPassion. I listened, I loved, and now I am a fan. The title of that song is “Lunar Eclipse” and after digging around a bit, I found even more of their music. “Heart you hold,” is hauntingly beautiful.

Do you listen to music while writing?  Create playlists? Share with me the artists that inspire you. And in the meantime, listen to Bridezilla’s “Lunar Eclipse.” Reminds me of wet city streets, clouds drifting in front of a full moon, and the sound of a heartbeat , so loud, it drowns out the sound of your steps…..


2 thoughts on “Discovering Bridezilla

  1. DG (Dani G),
    I stumbled arcoss this blog via Facebook and well since I known you since kindegarten. I fugured I should take a peek for old time sakes. I have yet to listen to the song you shared. I attempted to write a blog earlier this year and it was far more difficult than I anticipated. I started off like a ball of fire, but life took its course and I ran out of time to write. I started coaching my daughters soccer team and my wife was coaching the Frosh Volleyball team at Argonaut High. Thus meant more time to be dad and less time to write. I found that I am a “mood” writer, in that when I feel the need to write I go write but if I get I disrupted in anyway, I am done. I do my best writing when I am alone an can blast my ipad through my surrond sound system. I love listening to music when I write, it relaxes me. It lets my fingers spew what ever garbage that is clogging my brain. My play list is usually the same, it a wide strange compulation of Music. Some of the tracks include Ashkon, Snoop Doog, John Denver, James Taylor, CCR, Tone, Loc and The “Boss” to name a few. I believe my song count is up 285 and I just shuffle those songs each time I write. I like reading you writings, keep up and 2012 is our Year…. Feeling like a Giant!

    JS (Sweet)

    • Hey Sweet! Thanks for stopping by and reading. I hear ya about the crazy busy pace of life. That was one of the reasons I stopped my old blog years ago. I just didn’t have any time between work and life. But, since writing is very important to me and what I usually chat with folks about being books and movies, decided it would be a good outlet. And it is. I get to listen to music while writing which is an added benefit. I say blog my friend. Even if it’s just a few sentences once a week, It’s a great way to give yourself a few minutes outside of the manic pace of life. And of course, find and interact with other bloggers with similar interests. 😉 But if you can’t find the time, now worries. Keep visiting and keep sharing! 2012 will be a Giant year!!

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