Welcome to Nightstand

It’s always been somewhat of an archaeological dig site – my nightstand, the table next to my bed. Only in my case it’s not scattered dinosaur bones or the remnants of a past civilization, rather a collection of what’s happening at the moment, and of course, what’s important. There are pictures, receipts, a sock or toy from my 3 year old, journals, a stack of books begging to be read, my iPod, iPhone, and magazines…the list goes on and on. To take a line from Clueless and flip it: it’s a full on Monet. Only when you look at it from far away it’s a total mess. But when you get closer and really take a look at what’s buried, you will know what everything, all that stuff, really is. They are my passions. What inspires. A connection to my first loves.

Long after the receipts have turned into coasters, the stack of books may change, new titles peering out from their spines. After the magazines have lost their shine and been recycled, new shiny covers will take their place, crisp pages earmarked highlighting reviews for movies I must see, or new DVD releases I will want to buy for my permanent collection. And my iPod and iPhone, each with their musical trove, plugged in for a recharge so they can again, without fail, power me through another day.

Among the many hats I wear –mom, wife, aspiring writer, business owner — my passions boil down to three. I am and always have been a voracious reader, music lover, and moviegoer.

I blogged for years about everything from pop culture to technology, and the subjects that rose to the top of my mind time and time again were new bands I’d discovered, movies I’d seen countless times but managed to find new pearl of greatness in, and books I loved so much that I wanted to crawl inside their pages. While I stopped blogging for awhile, I’ve found that still, to this day, long after my son has gone to sleep, work done, and in the quiet of the evening, it’s the melody of a song, the power of a great story, and the images of a movie, that stay with me long after the song has ended, book has been closed, and credits roll.  They educate and inspire, and comfort and a console in a way that even when I am at my worst, challenge me to pick myself up, dust myself off, and try again.

So here it is – a new concept of a blog I’ve been thinking about for months.  A place where I will pay respect to my passions and share with you the voices, images and sounds, both new and old, that inspire and move me, and hopefully, will inspire and move you as well.

Welcome to Nightstand, where if I’ve read it, seen it, or heard it, I will share it with you so that you might do the same.



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