Movie Review: What’s Your Number

When I first saw the trailer for this movie I figured it would be a renter. It had all the elements of a movie I’d put on when It was chick flick night, including the most essential — eye candy — which in this case came via Chris Evans. But while it wasn’t exactly chick flick night, I did end up liking and laughing and well, swooned a bit, as if it were.

Like “Friends with Benefits,” I was pleasantly surprised with “What’s Your Number?” Given its premise — a girl who is desperate to reconnect with the 19 men she’s slept with to determine if one of them could be “the one” — I actually laughed throughout the whole movie. And, like Friends, I found the story to be a fun telling of the “guy meets girl, guy falls for girl, girl is a bitch and ignores the way she feels for the guy therefore dumping the guy, only to seek him out at the end” story.

Anna Farris is absolutely adorable as lead character Lilly Darling and Chris Evans (despite his usual wooden acting), is perfect opposite her as hunky next door neighbor/musician/secret good guy Collin. Their chemistry is great and almost instantly, you feel as if they are two of your own friends – a pair so obviously perfect for each other you wonder when they will see it, too.

“What’s Your Number?” is currently on PPV and IMHO worth the $5.99. Check it out and don’t be surprised if you find yourself traveling down the path of main character Lilly, remembering your own past loves (or in some cases, one night stands or three date break ups). It’s hard not to in this movie that can’t help but remind you of every guy (or girl) you’ve ever kissed. But if you want my advice, skip your own tallying and stick to a movie snack instead. šŸ˜‰


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