Movie Review: Like Crazy

There is no one thing in the world that is more hopeful, painful, exciting, volatile, breathtaking, maddening, curious, sickening, amazing, confusing, or exhilarating, than love.

Lots of songs and movies have tried to work their magic to capture the euphoric impact it can have on one’s heart and mind, but only a few scratch the surface of exploring the can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t breathe, don’t want to live without you, perfect, yet fragile love like that of your first. But Like Crazy does, and long after the credits have passed, you find yourself surprisingly revisiting your own memory of the same kind of crazy you might have felt when you too, fell for the first time.

I had plans to see Like Crazy last fall, but of course like lots of movies on my list of those to see, it fell onto the list of movies to rent instead. I blame my missing it on its indie status – the film had a limited theater run and by the time I was finally able to catch a movie, it had long since left theaters. But while it might have stopped it from a long theater run, it didn’t stop the movie from winning critics over. I kept note of the raves, and of course, watched the trailer about a dozen or so times in anticipation of seeing it. So when it showed up on PPV this past weekend, of course I jumped at the chance to order it.

I will admit, at first I was disappointed. The initial minutes led me to believe it would be a snoozer. The introduction was a bit clunky as it introduced the somewhat awkward story — girl sees boy in class, girl writes note for boy proclaiming her crush and leaves on boys car, boy calls girl and asks her out. But about ten minutes in the movie hits its stride, and before long, I found myself roped into the relationship of Jacob and Anna: college co-eds who find their sweet romance turn into a long-distance relationship spanning years, after Anna violates her student visa and is prevented from returning to the US.

Relationships when we’re young are tough. Even at their best they seem strained, as if they are seconds away from breaking at any given moment; disagreements seem major, the slightest separation paramount. And in Anna and Jacob’s case the separation is one that makes the heart grow fonder, stronger, and slightly crazier, exacerbated by a distance of thousands of miles, an ocean, and years of dating, relationships to which they never stay in because no one compares to the other. The distance alone could send even the most innocent, confident relationship into one of desperation, and so does it with theirs, as the intense feeling they belong together, rooted so firmly in them, refuses to go away.

Like Crazy is filled with a desire and longing for a love that at times makes you feel as if it’s your own, and by the time the movie ends, you understand exactly what they were trying to convey in the movie poster whose 12 words say it all –“I want you – I love you – I need you- I miss you” –nothing capturing the desperation, the longing, and the indescribable connection a love like that has, than those words in their simplicity.

Here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure.


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