Finally read Lauren Kate’s Rapture – book 4 and last of the Fallen series

I am a sucker for YA novels. There, I said it. Not that I haven’t read my share of hard core fiction over the years. I was an English major for crying out loud. I’ve read, analyzed and discussed ’til the cows come home. I’ve more than done my time. But I have to say the books that get my time these days are those that promise to take me away, if only for a short while, from the day to day deluge of life. Tolstoy, sorry to say, simply doesn’t do this. That type of fiction works another part of the brain completely and honestly, that part is so wiped out these days I just need a little love and fireworks to invade my tired little mind.

Enter YA.  Or what I have come to describe as paranormal, and romance, and vampires, werewolves and angels.

And enter again, Lauren Kate’s Fallen.

I didn’t love the Fallen series right away. I think what has been covered in four books could have been covered in three, and the characters at first were painful their love at first sight a little hard to believe.  But as I said in a previous post, I was drawn to the book because of its hauntingly beautiful covers and after investing time in the first and second book, I became a fan and was determined to stick with the series to the end.

I’m glad I did.

Last week the fourth and final installment, Rapture, hit stands. I thought it wasn’t due out until December, so imagine my surprise when last month it was brought to my attention it would be ready in mere weeks. This weekend I bought, read, and can now exhale.I won’t give anything away. Fallen Fans aren’t exactly excited about spoilers. But I will say I feel like in this book Ms. Kate hit her stride. Maybe it’s the journey that I have been on with the two characters, or maybe now that I have published my first novel I understand what it takes to do something as she has – see a story through from beginning to end, over the course of four books, nonetheless – but I have to applaud her for delivering what feels like the best in the series.

It’s a little sad when a series comes to an end, but it is time for this one to and so glad in this case the ending didn’t disappoint. I am pleasantly surprised what started out as a book I struggled to get into turned into a series I now draw inspiration from.

Inspiration comes in the most interesting ways, from the most interesting places, don’t you think?


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