Special offer for Goodreads members – Win review copy of my novel, Aberration

I’m overwhelmed. No, scratch that. I am humbled, deeply humbled, by the encouragement and support I have received for my debut novel, Aberration.  From the folks at Indie Spotlight and to Daily Book Buzz, to those who have taken the time to post reviews on Amazon, Facebook and beyond, I am honored to be a part of such incredible communities that embrace indie writers.

Last month I listed a giveaway on Goodreads that received a staggering 405 entries. It blew me away 405 people wanted to win a copy of my book. While that contest has since closed and a winner was selected (congrats!), I’d like to extend a new giveaway offer to the Goodreads  community. I’d like to offer those of you who might have entered the first giveaway another chance to win a copy of Aberration for review. Over the next week, I will be gifting 1 copy to the first 10 members that send me a message on Goodreads expressing their interest. The rules of this contest are simple:

1) you must post your review by August 10, 2012,

2) reviews must be posted in Goodreads, and if you have a blog outside of Goodreads where you review books, your blog,

3) posting review to your preferred online store (Amazon, BN.com or iTunes) or other communities is encouraged, but not mandatory

I will link to your review from my author website, as well as Tweet out through Twitter . And if you’re not a member of Goodreads, but interested in entering the giveaway? Become a member. It’s an incredible community that connected members to fellow book lovers and writers.

So, let the giveaway begin!


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