Book Review: Until I Die

I was a fan of Amy Plum’s Die For Me because unlike the plethora of YA books out there at the time I discovered it, the novel offered a fresh story around a new group of immortal beings that weren’t quite zombies, and not vampires or werewolves , and the thought of something new and supernatural excited me.

In her debut novel, Plum unveiled a new mythology about a group of beings called Revenants,  humans that died saving the life of another whom after this death, are destined to live forever compelled by a desire to sacrifice themselves while saving the lives of others.

There are a lot of technicalities around how their supernatural-ness works, their history, and who knows about them and who doesn’t, so I won’t get into all that. But I will say the story is set in Paris, whose exquisite setting alone made me want to crawl inside the pages and stroll the banks of The Seine, and told through the eyes of 16-year-old American Kate who moves to Paris after her parents’ death and in no time finds herself falling for the hottest of the Parisian Revenant’s, Vincent.

Until I Die is the second book in a planned trilogy and was released on May 8, 2012. As you can see, it has taken me awhile to read it thanks to my unending stack of books in my To Read pile, but I digress. I finished it last week and was pleased. Unlike most trilogies, which I find tend to slow down in the second book as the writer prepares for their Grand Finale (otherwise known as book three), Until I Die was a solid sequel, laying the right amount of story alongside the right amount of growth in its heroine Kate, with a few signposts that will be picked up by the trained YA reader of what’s to come. Further, it develops the relationship of Kate and Vincent, and lays the groundwork for what I can’t wait to read “pinnacle of impossibility” – i.e. what happens when a mortal falls in love with an immortal.

Also, since you all know I am a fan of YA book covers Until I Die was a nice continuation of the series look and feel, but still wasn’t as beautiful as the first.

Here’s the cover for Until I Die cover:

And the cover for Die For Me:

Have you read Amy Plum’s Revenants Trilogy? What did you think?


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