Saying goodbye to Twilight…a few of my favorite things

When I first saw Twilight in fall of 2008, I had no idea what I was in for. I went thinking it was a serious movie about vampires (alright serious and vampires is a bit of a joke, but you know what I mean). I went thinking it was something different than the screen adaptation of the YA series that had taken the world by storm. Of course at the time I hadn’t read the books yet. That happened a few months after when a friend convinced me I had to read them, after I told her about this weird movie I saw with an awesome soundtrack, but horrible acting and hideous wigs.

It took me two weeks to devour the first three books and when Breaking Dawn hit, the last book in the series, I was in line like millions of others to purchase it, and like millions of others, read it in one sitting (which lasted through the night and a bit of the next morning). So, by the time the film adaptation of New Moon, book two in the series hit theaters in 2009, I was ready – this time as a fan. But sadly, it was as tragic as the first movie – the acting worse, the wigs more scary – and so the books lived on in my heart, while the movies became comic relief.

However, there is a little something of each movie I liked and in honor of the release of Breaking Dawn Part Two (which I of course saw already), I won’t write a review, rather share something from each that I enjoyed.


Hands down, without a doubt, the thing I loved most about the first movie is the soundtrack. It’s amazing, featuring tracks from Blue Foundation, Mutemath, Linkin Park, Muse and a band I wasn’t aware of until the soundtrack, Paramore (a favorite) among others. In honor of the soundtrack another artist I was pleasantly introduced to in the first movie – Iron & Wine – and their lovely song, “Flightless Bird, American Mouth.”

New Moon

I almost put Taylor Lautner’s abs as the winner of my favorite thing from New Moon but that would have been creepy since I’m old enough to be his mother. So instead, I will say the best thing about the second movie for me was the wolves. So much emphasis was placed on the vampires in movie one, that in movie two, I was pleasantly surprised to find the wolves to be less hokey than the vampires and pretty close to what I had imagined them to be.









I hated this movie. I thought it was the worst one yet, but then Breaking Dawn Part One came along and took the spot.  Then again, it was my least favorite book of the series so I shouldn’t have been surprised. The shuttling of Bella between La Push and Edward’s house to keep her safe was silly, and her playing both to satisfy her need to not be the bad guy was as annoying just as in the book.  The only thing I can say I liked about this one is the introduction of Riley and Bree Tanner– a young man turned vampire by Victoria that she feigns love interest in to help her build an army to take down the Cullen’s. And Bree Tanner, a young girl turned vampire who spawned a novella released in between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, showing us what a day in the life of a new vampire looks like.











Breaking Dawn Part One

There’s actually two things I loved from part one. Bella’s wedding shoes. The beautiful named Swan by Manolo Blahnik.








And the song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri featured on the soundtrack. The song is lovely and the video is gorgeous.

Breaking Dawn Part Two

While we saw them at the end of Breaking Dawn Part One, Bella’s eyes in the second movie are pretty awesome, emphasized by incredible make up so Bella is of the same perfection as the rest of the Cullen Clan.






Also, I loved the opening cinematography – it was stunning – and the end scene where Bella drops her shield and gives Edward a look at all the memories she has of the two of them. It was a nice look back at the movies that wasn’t nearly as painful as seeing them in their entirety and was a nice way to wrap the series.

Well, that’s it for Twilight for me. Well, for now, until Meyer decides she wants to revisit the town of Forks, this time years down the road when it’s Jacob and Renesmee (oh come on, you know its coming!)


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