New life for Les Misérables

I have never been a fan of Les Misérables – not the novel, stage or movie adaptations. I’m sorry, but yes, while the stage version created some of the most memorable melodies, it was always too heavy a read and as such, made for too heavy a movie and musical. One might argue as one of the greatest novels of the 19th century it should be nothing more than heavy – knocking the breath right out of you. But for me, it was always just ugh…too much.

When it was announced a new adaptation of the movie was hitting theaters this Christmas I bristled. Another version, why? And as a musical? Mon dieu! The previous screen adaptation with Uma Thurman and Liam Neeson was bad. Another would be surely, no? But then I read Anne Hathaway had signed on to play Fantine (love her) and Amanda Seyfreid as Cosette (love, love her) and for the first time ever I thought, ok. Maybe it won’t be bad. But I did say I wouldn’t see in the theater but wait for it to hit PPV.

And then the trailers started to hit. And as trailers tend to do, generated a flicker of excitement.

And now the buzz is growing around Anne Hathaway’s performance as a sure Oscar contender, as well as insights around the adaptations production. Check this out — the actors didn’t prerecord tracks months in advance, perfecting every lyric, so they could act along to them as is often the practice. They sang fresh, every time, allowing the music to guide their acting – a Streisand-esque approach. Yes even Russell Crowe!

I don’t know folks…. I won’t see it on Christmas Day, that day is reserved for jammies. But dare I say, I think I want to see it.  It still would take a mighty good trailer to make me want to crack open the book again, however.



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