The Adjustment Bureau and my infinite curiosity about destiny

I hate the idea that our lives are predetermined. That we travel a path created for us, with every decision we face part of a larger master plan. What happens when we deviate from that path? Make a choice that wasn’t ours to make to begin with? Do choices we make that take us away from that path lead to chaos and confusion or peace and happiness?

The subject of destiny was the inspiration for  my first novel Aberration and one that I continue to explore as I work on edits to its sequel (coming 2013!)  No matter the extensive research I do on the subject and no matter the conclusion the characters in my stories come to, I always come to the same one: no one chooses our destiny but us.

As William Shakespeare so wisely said, “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”  It is we who hold the key to our happiness. To our success and failures. And to the doors that open for us on the life we set out on.

Sometimes  when movies get it right, they really get it right and The Adjustment Bureau for me, when it comes to the subject of destiny, was just such a flick. I saw it awhile ago and loved it then, and catching the last few minutes of it recently, liked it just the same.  I’ve liked Emily Blunt since first seeing her in The Devil Wears Prada and will always have a soft spot for Matt Damon, despite some questionable flicks in recent year, and their pairing along with the film’s quick pace, and the Mad Men-esque vibe of the folks that work for The Bureau, make it a fun watch.



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