New review for ABERRATION on Masquerade Crew

Thanks to sites like Masquerade Crew, indie writers (such as myself) have an incredible opportunity to reach readers with our work. Writing can be lonely, seeking representation dream crushing, but knowledge around publishing and community support can be incredibly empowering… and uplifting.

There are a great many reasons why I went the Indie route, even though I did have positive feedback from a few agents that were interested in exploring ABERRATION.  In the end, Indie route is what worked for me. Would I have loved to have had a marketing team behind promoting my first novel? Sure. Would I have loved to have conducted a multi-city book tour? Sure. Would I love to have trailers and artwork and fans by the thousands clamoring for an ARC of its sequel? Sure. But…through this experience I’ve met an incredibly warm and accepting community whom I am proud to call friends. They offer advice and support and most of all, when the writing blocks come (and they ALWAYS do) they are there, at ungodly hours, offering encouragement and support. And that my writing friends, is one of the biggest reasons I went Indie for my first book. Its a success that can not be measured in books sold or checks cashed.

So, thank you Masquerade Crew for taking the time to read ABERRATION, my first novel, and sharing your thoughts, honest and candid, in your review. I loved reading your view on my book, “a coming of age drama, an emotional journey and a story of discovery.” I loved to hear you thought the characters were “well-imagined, the plot engaging.” I was even OK with the honest feedback around the ending — endings, after all, are highly subjective — because you took a chance on an Indie writer. You took a chance on someone unknown. You took a chance on someone just wanting one person besides themselves to read the characters that were as real to them as they were in their book. You took a chance on me, and for that I will always be thankful.

That’s all us aspiring writers really want for our words after all. To be read.


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