Movie anticipation – To The Wonder

Love is not only a feeling, you show love. You do love.

You fear your love has died? Well then perhaps you are waiting for it to be transformed into something higher.

I had never heard of the movie To The Wonder until I stumbled upon it this morning while reading a story. But the moment I watched the trailer, I was sold. Actually, scratch that – I absolutely MUST see this film.

It’s no secret I love trailers – for movies and books. Most of the time, the trailer turns out to be pretty damn impressive compared to the movie or the story. I know it’s an art and that there are people who get paid darn good money to create them. But I  still think it takes talent to pick poignant scenes from a movie and pair against a moving score to give a film it’s first breaths of life.

This trailer got to me in a way no trailer has for quite some time.

I wasn’t a fan of Tree of Life, but like many of Terrence Malick’s films, this film isn’t about dialogue — “most of the moments interstitial; the story conjured” according to the New Yorker. (Their review, BTW, incredible.) It’s about the story. Its about the use of light, and sound, and imagery. It’s about the brief dialogue from the characters voice over during moments in time that bring the story to life. It’s not just a movie. It’s art. It’s art, with heart. Honestly, I don’t care if they pantomime it, the cast looks incredible and the story one that I am a sucker for.

Cast, story, trailer = magic for me and I can’t wait to see.


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