Cool Songs in Movies – “Here it Comes” from Brit psychological thriller Trance

If  you’re looking for a cool movie, something that’s different from all the usually tired stuff that’s out there,  check out Trance. It’s on PPV this month and it’s in one word, fabulous. I rank it up there with movies I was pleasantly surprised by and can never shake. Movies like Drive, Lucky Number Slevin and Wanted. Funny I should mention that last one, Scotland’s own James McAvoy (of Wanted) is one of the stars of Trance, along with Vincent Cassel (that skeevy  instructor from Black Swan and criminal mastermind from Derailed) and Rosario Dawson.
Not sure if it was widely released in the US (the British psychological thriller film was directed by Danny Boyle and released in 2013). But I wish it was because I want more people to see it. In short, the movie is about “an art auctioneer who has become mixed up with a group of criminals partners with a hypnotherapist in order to recover a lost painting.” (Thank God for IMDB because I couldn’t summarize it in less than a paragraph).
It’s a really, really, really great movie. The plot is pretty twisted and soundtrack pretty divine. Including this great tune from Emeli Sandé & Rick Smith, “Here It Comes” heard at the end.
Enjoy and trust me, if you’re looking for a rental suggestion this weekend I give Trance an enthusiastic  two thumbs up.

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