Old love for Foster the People’s new song “Coming of Age”

I’m a writer, but I’m often without words. There are some moments in time, feelings, and memories that are just too hard to describe. Moments that have left me breathless. Speechless. Utterly unable to put a string of words together. And as a lover of words, that’s hard to admit.

But music…music has that potential, and for me, has always been that one thing that has helped me to say what it is I am trying to remember, what I am trying to feel, what it is I am trying to describe. And in Foster the Peoples new video “Coming of Age,” they have managed to capture a moment in time that has always been hard for me to describe as one of my favorites: the 80s.

I loved the 80s. The music. The movies. The excess. The way the world worked and my perception of that big world while looking up at it from my childhood.  It wasn’t just a time of neon, hair bands and New Wave. It was the time of my youth. Of recording “Friday Night Videos” so I could watch the next morning. Of dreaming Jake Ryan was my boyfriend. Of friendship bracelets and parachute pants. Of The Go Go’s and Valley Girl. Of mixed tapes and Michael Jackson. Of everything about growing up I think back to fondly because it was the most simple and fun time I’ve had. The most fun that we’ve all probably had, only mine was in the 80s, while yours could have been in the the 90s or 70s, maybe even 60s. It was my childhood and I was just lucky enough to experience it through the Aqua net haze of the 80s. And this video so effortlessly summed that up by putting to music the excitement, fun, and energy of my youth.

Well done Foster the People, well done.


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