Movie review: The return of Veronica Mars

veronica_marsA long time ago, we used to be friends…

I loved the TV show Veronica Mars. Love, love, loved it. It was only on for three years (2004-2007) but during those three years I watched religiously. Whenever the show’s opening credits rolled, accompanied by the Dandy Warhol’s “We Used to Be Friends,” I’d get excited. It would  be a few years before I would be bitten by the Twilight bug,  but even then I had chosen a team for our female hero’s paramour, and that was Team Logan.  I loved Veronica and Logan together because they were the quintessential couple that shouldn’t be: he, a cool but dysfunctional  guy, thanks to his movie star turned killer father. She, the school pariah thanks to her father, the former Sherriff, having been set up by dirty cops sending his reputation and hers, into the garbage. It was everything about YA drama that I love:  hate you/love you story lines.

When I learned last year a movie was in the works after years of outcry from fans to bring back the hip, tech savvy Nancy Drew of Neptune High, I was stoked. Yes, you read that, stoked. It had been six years since the show ended and a lot of us in the VM fan universe had not been satisfied by the way the series ended: an incomplete story line and unsolved love triangle. For years  the rumor mill swirled around a possible show reprisal, followed by desperate hope for a made for TV movie. Something, anything, that would bring back Veronica, and Logan, and everyone else that made the show enjoyable, to give us just one last look in the seedy, lavish, often crime ridden world of Neptune, California.

While many of the shows stars and producers had expressed interest in doing a VM movie over the years, words are hardly enough to get a movie made. So when producer Rob Thomas put up a Kickstarter page to solicit donations, fans flocked to the site (including myself) donating whatever they could. Thomas’ $2 million goal was reached within hours, and by the end of the campaign, a record breaking $6 million had been raised proving fans would do just about anything to get a Veronica Mars  movie made. I’m glad sites like Kickstarter exist. It gives projects that may not otherwise see the light of day, a chance to be made.  Which is exactly what had been the case with VM.

I saw the movie on Saturday night. Thanks to a limited theater release, the movie also premiered on PPV, so I got to enjoy it from the comfort of my own couch.  It would have been fun to see on the big screen, but I am glad I got to curl up with my favorite blanket and save a few bucks. While I loved seeing everyone again, it did feel a bit like a  made for TV movie, and truth be told, would have been a bit bummed to have spent $12.50 on a ticket. However, I do respect what they were able to do on their limited budget and like that the movie answered some of the basic questions that many fans had been asking since the show ended, including the biggest: would Logan and Veronica ever get back together?

Sounds like reviews have been somewhat favorable. I don’t know if it was big enough of a hit to spawn a sequel or two, but it was nice to close the book on a show that was such a part  of my 29 year old heart in what I felt was a pretty satisfactory way. Could it have been better? Sure. But for $6M they did good. The chemistry was still there with Veronica and Logan, however admittedly, he was less Wily and she while still snarky, a bit more serious than catty. Maybe it was the story line – he being accused of murder and she back to dealing with some of the same a-holes that made her life miserable as a teen. But even during the show’s run, the snark combated any drama that came their way.  I did love Veronica had a chance to have her own slice of redemption against the popular girl that made her life hell back in high school. (No spoilers!) All I will say without going into details, is that every girl dreams of that moment, no matter how far they have come or cool their life is now. So from the mentions that were a flashback to the show (“our story is epic“) to the  song’s end credits (the show’s opening credits music back in the day), it was a nice walk down memory lane.


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