Sayonara TrueBlood


Last month’s series finale of HBO’s TrueBlood ended the way it should – Bill six feet under, Eric and Pam immortal partners in crime, and Sookie, well… knocked up and barefoot in Louisiana. It may have differed from the books but for a series that has seen its share of highs and lows, the season and its final episode did the series — which when it first arrived six years ago, rocked us into the supernatural in a sexy, graphic, comedic and crazy way — justice. Series creator Alan Ball and the show’s writers should be proud. Heck, all of us watchers that religiously tuned in the first two solid seasons, weathered the dreadful third and fourth, and hung on through seasons five and six praying it would return to its original magic, should be proud.

All in all, I am pleased with the way the season began and concluded. It was nice to spend time with each character and for our vamp friends, learn more about their life before Bon Temps and in some cases, before immortality. Getting to know Bill better was interesting: who he was in the Old South, a man of honor and charm, helped us to understand his desire for the “Final Death.” Also, while it seemed strange at first, the last episode helped to clarify why exactly it was he needed Sookie be the one to take him there. Giving her the chance to finally be free of Bill Compton and the danger he posed was a nod to his former honorable self. At same time, I did think it was a bit unfair of him to ask that of her. Staking your first and some argue, true love? He had to understand why that would be hard for her.  Nonetheless, thank goodness we got to that point and Bill did have his Final Death because he…was getting annoying. From mysterious, to self righteous, to smarmy…I have never been a fan of the character of Bill Compton and I for one — despite their last moments in the grave together aiming for poignant and touching —  couldn’t help but clap when he died, followed by “Finally. He’s dead. Good riddance, next.” To this point however, let me just say that THAT would have been a perfect ending: Sookie walking out of the cemetery, covered in blood. That last minute or two wrap up (not really an epilogue, but for all intensive purposes, an epilogue), showing what life looks like in the future, was weird and cheesy.

Now Pam and Eric on the other hand – I love them. Let me rephrase that…I LOVE THEM! From the beginning I have been an Eric fan. And no not just because he’s hot, because well, yeah, he is. But because he was interesting, and less annoying than emo Bill; an aggressive, but controlled demeanor with a penchant for sex, driven by a deeply hidden loss that you couldn’t quite put your finger on but knew was there. A balance of extremes portrayed perfectly by the delicious Alexander Skarsgård. Eric’s final scene (before that awkward epilogue) was classic Northman, showing his comedic side – head banging in the Yakuza’s car, with the gang stacked up dead in the backseat. The backseat of their car as he drives it listening to their music! I laughed hard when I saw that, and continue to laugh when I see it now.

I’ve also been a huge fan of Eric’s progeny Pam – her quick, dry wit, and formidable fashion, made her my favorite female character on the show. Her connection to Eric was at times comedic, other times raw; their respect and trust for one another forged over a hundred years. Her barbs were classic, and her rough exterior shaken only when it came to his safety was played with the perfect blend of strength by the gorgeous Kristin Bauer van Straten.

When it came to Eric and Pam I finally got my wish: the chance to see what they were like before Bon Temps, who they had been over the years to each other and others outside their bond, and for curiosity sake, were they ever together together? Through the last season we had small glimpses of the Viking Eric Northman and his Victorian era madam, Pamela Swynford De Beaufort. But it was in the last episode we finally we got a glimpse of just how strong their companionship was. Just what the two had been through together. And the connection shared. A deep bond that not only a vampire has for their progeny, but that which is shared between best friends and sometimes lovers. I KNOW! I was just as surprised to hear of this — albeit a small reference in a string of dialogue with Japan’s Yakuza band — but it was a good surprise, so thank you show writers for satisfying my curiosity. In the last episode it was clear to me their bond was that of trust and admiration and love, yes, a love,  that  no matter what game is played – like Pam claiming the idea for Fantgasia as her own – is returned with not the question of “Do you still love me?” but returned simply with, “Always.”

When you’re immortal, always is a long time.  

Jessica and Hoyt getting back together wasn’t a total surprise. Given Hoyt’s lifelong friendship with Jason I was hoping they would repair that relationship, which they did. So I was glad to see they brought he and Jess back together. It was nice to see a happily ever after there. Proof that even if you’re a bloodsucking vampire, happy endings are possible.

Jason was well, Jason Stackhouse, so he got the girl – not the one we thought show writers were leading us to the entire season – but one that turned him from eternal bachelor into family man. Full circle Stackhouse.

And Sarah Newlin…what else is there to say about the lovely Anna Camp other than she was left standing, albeit it in chains as Pam’s blood whore, her future bleak. A fitting ending some would say.

Last but not least La La…the fabulous Lafayette,  I was glad to see remained standing. He’d been through enough these past six years and deserved some happiness. I was relived to see he rode off into the future, glitter eyeshadow and all, with his lover man in tow.

The rest of the cast was solid throughout the last season, their ending performances sweet, reminding us why we were so excited about the show when it landed back in 2008.  I will miss the show, but glad it came to an end. Better to go out on top than dwindling.