The power of relationships in supernatural reads

People ask me why I am such a fan of supernatural genre stories, YA specifically. There’s lot of reasons but at the core, it’s because they’re not just about monsters and demons, but so much more. They’re about the power of our relationships, familial and first loves. About coming of age and the journey one goes through as they evolve from teen to adult. They’re of love and loss, of hope and despair – of all the incredibly confusing, incredible, breath taking emotions we are given the opportunity to experience, no matter whether we are mortal or immortal.

Take The Vampire Diaries for example. I’ll admit I like the show better than the series for a few reasons (read main reason: Ian Somerhalder), but the part of the books that’s always stuck with me is the bond between the Salvatore brothers. The show has nailed to perfection. There has been many times Damon and Stefan have been there to save the other, and while the love triangle is usually what gets hearts aflutter, it’s the strength of their brotherhood bond, of family, of willing to do anything to protect the other, no matter the status of their relationship at the time, which is the excellence for me.

When my novel Aberration was reviewed by a book blogger a few months back she called it “an emotional book that deals with past and family and the way our perceptions of events change over time, as they become memories and how our friendships shape us but can also hold us back.”  For me, this was the ultimate compliment because I’d successfully done for one reader, what so many YA writers have done for me: taken a simple element of young adulthood and connected it to a much larger point of exploration.

When beginning a story in addition to starting with the ending, which I’ve written about before, I also pick an emotion and use it as the fuel for my character. In my next book (Bound, out this summer) the emotion I chose was anger. Some may think its confining to choose one emotion, as it may limit the character’s range in what they will think or feel. But it doesn’t. In fact, it’s the opposite. It gives them a place in which to start from and evolve. It can lead to the discovery of such incredible new emotions – the character’s journey a rich and exciting experience to create.

Writing is so many things for me, creating new people and places a complete and total joy. But it’s also about evolving me a little bit through my characters. Learning from their experiences and growing as they grow. Its a journey of self discovery of myself that I don’t realize I’ve been on until the last sentence is written.

I can’t wait for everyone to read my next book. I’ve grown, my characters have grown, the themes I am exploring have grown. It’s exciting and exhausting and…well, you’ll just have to see.   Until then, keep reading and don’t be afraid to feel. After all, it is what makes us human.


Movie Review: What’s Your Number

When I first saw the trailer for this movie I figured it would be a renter. It had all the elements of a movie I’d put on when It was chick flick night, including the most essential — eye candy — which in this case came via Chris Evans. But while it wasn’t exactly chick flick night, I did end up liking and laughing and well, swooned a bit, as if it were.

Like “Friends with Benefits,” I was pleasantly surprised with “What’s Your Number?” Given its premise — a girl who is desperate to reconnect with the 19 men she’s slept with to determine if one of them could be “the one” — I actually laughed throughout the whole movie. And, like Friends, I found the story to be a fun telling of the “guy meets girl, guy falls for girl, girl is a bitch and ignores the way she feels for the guy therefore dumping the guy, only to seek him out at the end” story.

Anna Farris is absolutely adorable as lead character Lilly Darling and Chris Evans (despite his usual wooden acting), is perfect opposite her as hunky next door neighbor/musician/secret good guy Collin. Their chemistry is great and almost instantly, you feel as if they are two of your own friends – a pair so obviously perfect for each other you wonder when they will see it, too.

“What’s Your Number?” is currently on PPV and IMHO worth the $5.99. Check it out and don’t be surprised if you find yourself traveling down the path of main character Lilly, remembering your own past loves (or in some cases, one night stands or three date break ups). It’s hard not to in this movie that can’t help but remind you of every guy (or girl) you’ve ever kissed. But if you want my advice, skip your own tallying and stick to a movie snack instead. 😉

Diggin’ it at the moment – “Nothing” by The Script

I really like The Script and no it’s not because they are from Ireland. (Everyone that knows me, know I love two of Ireland’s finest – U2 and Guinness.) I like them because their songs tell stories. Stories we can relate to, not just melodies that are catchy.

I think “For the First Time” struck a chord with a lot of folks, highlighting the impact work, life, the economy can have on a relationship. And when I heard it for the first time I thought, wow. It’s so real, so honest.

Of course “Breakeven” and “Man that Can’t be Moved” have found decent airplay. But its recent hit “Nothing” happens to be a favorite. If you know it, you know what it’s about. Guy has girl, guy loses girl, guy drunk dials girl and can’t reach her. The Script describes it as a song about “a drunken, broken hearted phone call to a lost love.”

Honestly, it’s nice to hear a male singing about what we all know is drunk dialing. And girls, let’s face it. We have all been there at one time or another. So, mad props to The Script for admitting that despite the difference in our genetic make up, guys have done it too. We all love. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Sometimes we torture ourselves and do crazy alcohol infused things because its better than the alternative – doing nothing at all.

So, to all my fellow one time or another drink dialing friends, male or female, this is for you.