Diggin’ it at the moment – “Nothing” by The Script

I really like The Script and no it’s not because they are from Ireland. (Everyone that knows me, know I love two of Ireland’s finest – U2 and Guinness.) I like them because their songs tell stories. Stories we can relate to, not just melodies that are catchy.

I think “For the First Time” struck a chord with a lot of folks, highlighting the impact work, life, the economy can have on a relationship. And when I heard it for the first time I thought, wow. It’s so real, so honest.

Of course “Breakeven” and “Man that Can’t be Moved” have found decent airplay. But its recent hit “Nothing” happens to be a favorite. If you know it, you know what it’s about. Guy has girl, guy loses girl, guy drunk dials girl and can’t reach her. The Script describes it as a song about “a drunken, broken hearted phone call to a lost love.”

Honestly, it’s nice to hear a male singing about what we all know is drunk dialing. And girls, let’s face it. We have all been there at one time or another. So, mad props to The Script for admitting that despite the difference in our genetic make up, guys have done it too. We all love. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Sometimes we torture ourselves and do crazy alcohol infused things because its better than the alternative – doing nothing at all.

So, to all my fellow one time or another drink dialing friends, male or female, this is for you.