Countdown to Underworld 4 – 1.20.12

I’m just going to say it. I love stories about vampires. Why? Well, you can thank Anne Rice for that. Before there was Stephenie Meyer, L.J. Smith (Vampire Diaries) and Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse Novels), Ms. Rice’s vamps were steaming up the pages of literature in a way no one had ever. She made vampires cool. Sexy even. And let’s not forget, absolutely gorgeous. Who wouldn’t love them. They had no problems. Well if you don’t count that whole being dead thing. But aside from that, they were perfect and because of this, I loved them.

We forget that it’s ok to be sexy in this real, non immortal world. Being the free society we claim to be, we are in a lot of ways still a puritanical society.  Vampires buck this trend and put it all right out there in beautifully created packages in the middle of story lines that get our blood (pun intended) boiling.Vampires are sexy and without abandon, and because of this we admire them – as fictional as they may be.

I prefer the dark hair, red lipped, devil-may-care-smirk-wearing kind. You know, the Damon Salvatore’s of the world (one of the lead character’s from the CW’s Vampire Diaries series based on LJ’s popular books of the same name).  Thanks to Ian Somerhalder, those of us who prefer our vamps brooding instead of sparkly now have eye candy, too.

But there is another vampire I admire.

Image from Geek Tyrant

Selene. No, not the one whose heart will go on, but the one whose heart stopped and since that day, started kicking ass as a Death Dealer in one of my favorite series’ ever, Underworld.

Today, a new trailer for Underworld 4 was released on the Facebook Fan Page a day before it is scheduled to hit theaters, showing more of the sequel that many of us have been dying (pun not intended this time) for since Underworld 3 went the prequel route and left us wondering what happened after the end of Underworld 2 when Selene, after having drank Alexander’s blood, stood in the sun without peril. For years the debate has waged – did she turn human again having killed the oldest of them all, or did his blood make her stronger, therefore making her a day walker?

I can’t wait to see what answers Underworld 4 will give us and have 1.20.12 marked on the calendar in big red ink. Thankfully Kate Beckinsale has reprised her role as Selene – she IS Selene. But sadly it looks like her Lycan /paramour Scot Spedman, hasn’t. However SPOILER ALERT — rumor (and ahem, much research of my own in addition to this new trailer) reveals their half vampire, half werewolf daughter is at the core of the story. Hybrids. Lovely.

I can’t wait for this movie. I’m watching the trailer again. Oh, and if the above totally tantalizing discussion of vampires and the Underworld mythology didn’t do it for you, maybe the trailer will. Check it out at Yahoo! movies.